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The Three Weeks Strike On Heaven Program

Strike on Heaven Three Weeks Program

We are the witnesses to the stories and memories of the last survivors of the Holocaust. It is critical that we hear their voices now, vividly connect with their individual experiences, and accept and transmit their legacy to future generations.

Strike on Heaven is a poignant documentary that exposes the Third Reich’s war on Yiddishkeit. Through archival footage, personal interviews with survivors and Holocaust experts the film tells the story of the Nazis’ wholesale attempt to spiritually annihilate the Jews. Continue reading

The 20th of Sivan

Today is the 20th of Sivan, a date which for close to three hundred years was commemorated as a fast day with selichos throughout most of Eastern Europe. The fast was first instituted by the Shach for his immediate family … Continue reading

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Special Communal Yizkor Program for Shuls

This Shavuos marks the 70th anniversary of the destruction of the Hungarian Jewish communities. By this time, most of Polish  Jewry and the rest of  Eastern European Jewry were already annihilated and the Hungarian deportations to Auschwitz were at their peak. We are intent on … Continue reading

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Yizkereim’s Zachor…Lo Tishkach Campaign

Yizkereim’s Zachor…Lo Tishkach campaign, which took place on Taanis Esther, accomplished its central goals of making people aware that for the generation of those who survived the Holocaust the final moments of ne’ilah are approaching and that we, their descendants, must ensure that the crimes committed by Amalek—the Nazis and their collaborators—against our nation during the Holocaust not be forgotten by our generation and future generations. Continue reading

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