Names Project

The millions of our brethren who perished
were not faceless.
Each had a name.
Each had a personality.
Each had a life.

Dear Friend,

The Rabbi Leib Geliebter Memorial Foundation is actively involved in Yad Vashem’s Names Project – a campaign to register names of Holocaust victims. As the generation of Holocaust survivors is diminishing in size, the memory of millions of Holocaust victims who perished al-Kiddush Hashem may be lost unless we record their names for future generations to remember. Please help us ensure that no individual Holocaust victim is forgotten.

“Pages of Testimony” can be submitted by survivors, relatives or friends of victims. Unfortunately the Orthodox Jewish community is under-represented in the archive. This is an appeal for names. Ve’im lo achshav, eimasai? To file a form go to Yad Vashem’s website –

On behalf of the Foundation, thank you for helping to ensure that every Holocaust victim has a place in our collective memory and helping preserve our own families’ heritage for our children and future generations.

Dr. Joseph Geliebter