Daring To Resist: Jewish Defiance in the Holocaust

Daring To Resist: Jewish Defiance in the Holocaust
Special Exhibition at  Museum of Jewish Heritage

April 16, 2007-September 14, 2008

During the Holocaust, Jews throughout Europe sought to undermine the Nazis through individual and collective acts of resistance. They engaged in a wide range of activities—praying clandestinely, documenting conditions in the ghettos, and taking up arms to fight—each one a courageous act of resistance. Efforts such as these refute the notion that Jews were passive victims.

Honored in the 2008 Excellence in Exhibitions competition of the American Association of Museums, this landmark exhibit traveled to museums around the world, including Yad Vashem.

Daring to Resist showed the dilemmas Jews faced under impossible circumstances and featured artifacts such the shirt of Tuvia Bielski ; the bag used by Kalman Farber to smuggle food into the Vilna Ghetto; and and a Passover haggadah written from memory in the Unterlüss labor camp for a secret seder. As a lasting legacy for generation, the concluding item on display was an ethical will written by R’ Leib Geliebter.

Read pages from Daring To Resist featuring R’ Leib’s Ethical Will

Rabbi Geliebter Original Letter

R’ Leib Geliebter’s Original Letter

Leib Geliebter Translated Letter

R’ Leib Geliebter’s Translated Letter

Ashes to Renewal Excerpted Letter

Ashes to Renewal Excerpted Letter